We have more than 100 different tequilas!

The first rule of tequila:  If it doesn’t say “100% Agave” on the bottle then it isn’t pure tequila.

Tequila is produced from the heart of a plant called the blue agave, which is actually a succulent, not a cactus. The plant is grown to maturity for 8-12 years before harvest and can be used to make tequila within only 5 states in Mexico.

The heart of the agave is chopped up and cooked and as it cooks the juices ferment. These juices are then distilled and the product is a pure 100% agave tequila.

From this product, 5 types of tequila are made. “Mixto” or “gold” tequila is a mixed product: pure tequila with other spirits, colours and caramels. It is not 100% agave and is an inferior product. The colours are typically added to give it the appearance of quality but it does not have the characteristics of a 100% tequila. Mi Corazon doesn’t stock any tequilas that aren’t 100% agave.


“Blanco”, Plata or Silver is white tequila; the purest of all tequilas. It is bottled after distillation and has herbal, floral and sometimes peppery notes with more bite than reposado or añejo. Blanco is usually preferred by gin and vodka drinkers.

“Reposado” is the most common of tequilas. It is rested in oak or redwood barrels for a minimum of two months and has a sweeter flavour with softer tones of vanilla and spice imparted by the wood.

“Añejo” is an aged tequila, similar to an aged single malt scotch. The añejos can only be aged in oak barrels of 200 litres or less and for a minimum of one year. The older these barrels are the softer the colour and flavour is.

“Extra Añejo” is the latest category of tequila, which was added in 2006. This is a super-aged category, which must be aged for a minimum of three years and has a very mellow flavour with almost no bite. This category is quite similar to an aged single malt scotch.

The chaser…SANGRITA Sangrita is a traditional non-alcoholic Mexican chaser made with tomato, orange juice, lime juice, onion and chile. A complimentary shot is served with every shot of tequila.