Tequila Fortaleza Long Lunch @ ToucheHombre

Holding on to traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation is something that is becoming increasingly rare, especially with tequila. The ever pressing need to turn a greater profit from one year to the next drives producers to find new ways to increase production output to meet the markets demand.

And demand for tequila is certainly increasing. Especially 100% agave tequila.

So it is refreshing when a tequila comes along that steadfastly holds onto production ideals that are more about quality than quantity.

This is where Tequila Fortaleza comes in. Launched only in 2005 but with 5 generations and over 140 years of history and experience in the tequila industry this is a small producer with a huge amount of credibility and integrity.

Fortaleza bottle

Tequila Fortaleza prides itself on it’s history and tradition. The tequila is made using only traditional methods in small batches in order to maintain the supreme quality of one of the best tequilas on the market today.

Fortaleza use 100% estate grown blue agave from the Tequila Valley are of Jalisco which are matured for at least 8 years before harvesting. The agave hearts are then cooked slowly in their stone ovens for 36 hours then cooled for another 24 hours.
The cooked agave hearts are then stone crushed using a traditional “Tahona” to separate the juice and sugars from the fibres.
The juice is then fermented in open wooden vats for 4 days with yeasts made specifically for Fortaleza.
It is then twice distilled in copper pot stills.
The Reposado & Anejo tequilas are then aged in re-chipped & re-charred barrels for 7months and two years respectively.

Fortaleza tahona

So it was a great privilege for me to attend a lunch hosted by Vanguard Luxury Brands and the owner of Tequila Fortaleza, Guillermo Erickson Sauza. 5 generations of experience in making tequila certainly shows itself in the end product here. Tequila Fortaleza is without a doubt my all time favourite tequila. It is a beautifully balanced tequila with all the delicious complexity of a perfect valley tequila. It shows a lot of earthy & peppery flavours balanced with succulent cooked agave.

Guillermo SauzaGuillermo Sauza (Fortaleza)

So come past and try out this amazing tequila. You wont regret it.

And if you want to know more about this brand you can find it HERE

Mezcal & Sustainability…

Here’s some delicious mezcal from a great company who are doing some really awesome things in Oaxaca. This is what proper mezcal is all about – giving back to the land and the people that provide such a delicious spirit.


Check out their great work HERE.

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